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A jig is a type of folk dance, usually in compound meter.

Jig may also refer to:

in theatre

  • Stage-jig, 'dramatic' or 'farce' jig: a short, comic sung-drama featuring dance; a popular afterpiece in the playhouses of 16th and 17th century England, or performed by amateurs and semi-professional performers in the localities.

in computing

  • JIG, a Debian GNU/Linux admin package combining the Wajig wrapper and Gnome-jig (gjig) GNOME interface
  • Jay Is Games (J.I.G.), a game review website
  • Jig is the name of a video game for the Apple Newton Platform

in dancing

  • Gigue (Fr.), also giga (It., Sp.), or jig (Eng.) a fast dance movement from the Baroque Suite, which originated from the various folk dances of the British isles knows as "jigs".

in language:

in manufacturing:

in sport

  • Jig, a fishing lure used in the jigging method of fishing (angling)
  • "Jig" (as in Jigsaw puzzle), a nickname of Scottish footballer Lee McCulloch
  • Jig, an unwanted anxious/restless on the spot trotting motion of a horse

in entertainment

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