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Jill Neimark
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Occupation Author of adult and children's fiction and veteran science journalist

Jill Neimark is an American writer.

Neimark has written one adult novel, a thriller titled Bloodsong,[1][2] which was published in both hardcover and paperback and translated into German, Italian, and Hebrew. She has also published numerous children's books:I Want Your Moo (which was written with psychologist Marcella Bakur Weiner and won the 2010 Teacher's Choice Award),Toodles & Teeny which won a Mom's Choice Award for Excellence,The Secret Spiral and The Golden Rectangle,[3] among others. She co-authored, with bioethicist Stephen Post, Ph.D., Why Good Things Happen to Good People, which was translated and published in Japan, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, India, Sweden, and Taiwan.[4][5][6]

Neimark has also been published in the New York Times,[7] Discover Magazine, Aeon, Nautilus and Psychology Today on topics ranging from biology and physics to the mind and the soul. She has written poetry for the Massachusetts Review, Borderlands, Cimarron Review, and The New York Quarterly. She is a contributing editor for Discover Magazine, and has published numerous stories there on subjects ranging from human evolution to curing HIV. Her April 2007 cover story in Discover Magazine, "Understanding Autism"[8] won the 2007 award from the Autism Society of America.[9][10][11]

The Secret Spiral was described by the award-winning kidlit blog, There's a Book, as a cross between Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll.


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