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For the baseball player, see Jim Donnelly (baseball).
For the politician, see Jim Donnelly (politician).
Jim Donnelly
Sport country  Scotland
Professional 1982–
Highest ranking 29

Jim Donnelly is a Scottish former professional snooker player who now coaches.[1] He was seeded 29th in the world rankings for the 1982-1983 season. He played in the 1982 World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre, the first Scottish professional player to do so, where he was eliminated in the first round in a match against Ray Reardon.

Donnelly is now using his skills in snooker to provide snooker coaching lessons to people of all ages. Donnelly has pioneered the Scottish game being the first Scot to compete at the crucible and as a coach, coaching the likes of John Higgins, Alan McManus and many of the top Scottish Junior players.


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