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Jim Greco (born December 25, 1977, New Haven, Connecticut, USA) is a professional skateboarder. He currently resides in downtown Los Angeles.

Greco has appeared in videos such as Zero's "Misled Youth", "Baker Bootleg, "Baker 2G", "Baker 3", "Baker Has A Deathwish" and "the Deathwish Video.

In 2005, Greco started a new footwear company called Supra, along with Erik Ellington, Tom Penny, Antwuan Dixon, Chad Muska, and KR3W owner Angel Cabada. Some of his pro model shoes were the "Thunder" and the "Hammer" for Supra footwear.[1]

Greco co-founded a new eyewear company called Brigada with Erik Ellington, Andrew Reynolds, and Terry Kennedy in 2007. The company was started without the help of any distributor, and was financed with their own savings.[2]

Greco co-owns Baker Skateboards along with Andrew Reynolds who is the majority owner.

Greco left Baker Skateboards in 2008 along with Erik Ellington and Antwuan Dixon to start Deathwish Skateboards, the sister company to Baker Skateboards.

In 2008, he co-founded Bakerboys Distribution along with Andrew Reynolds and Erik Ellington. Bakerboys Distribution distributes Deathwish Skateboards, Heroin Skateboards, Shake Junt, and Brigada eyewear.[3]


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