Jim Stickley

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Jim Stickley
Born (1970-09-03) September 3, 1970 (age 44)
Occupation Co-Founder TraceSecurity Inc., writer, public speaker
Title Chief Technology Officer

James Nelson "Jim" Stickley III (born September 3, 1970) is a co-founder and the chief technology officer of TraceSecurity Inc., and a published author.[1][2] He is a cyber security expert who is known for his unique research into vulnerabilities that effect organizations[3][4] as well as exposing identity theft risks to the average person.[5]

Early years[edit]

In May 2000 Stickley discovered a buffer overflow vulnerability in the Gauntlet Firewall manufactured by Network Associates.[6] This vulnerability allowed an attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code which resulted in complete compromise of the firewall. Before this discovery, application firewalls had been considered by many security experts to be the most secure solution for protecting networks on the Internet and Network Associates had claimed Gauntlet to be the "Worlds most secure firewall".[7] In September 2001 Stickley discovered an additional buffer overflow vulnerability in the same Gauntlet product.[8]


Stickley has appeared on as an expert on several networks, including CNN,[9] Fox News Channel,[10] NBC,[11] and CNBC.[12][13]



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