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Jimenez Lai
Nationality Canadian/Taiwanese

Jimenez Lai is an Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago. He is also the founder and leader of Bureau Spectacular.

Bureau Spectacular[edit]

Bureau Spectacular is design studio founded and led by Jimenez Lai since 2008.

Academic career[edit]

Lai previously held the LeFevre Fellowship at the Knowlton School of Architecture at the Ohio State University in 2007 and the Howarth-Wright Fellowship at Taliesin (studio)/Taliesin West. He currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Published Works[edit]

  • "Primitives". Log/Issue 22.
  • "On Types of Seductive Robustness". Candide / Issue 3.
  • "Obstruction: A New Healthy Body". Pidgin / Issue 9.
  • "The Future Archaeologist". PLOT / Issue 1
  • "Plan v Section". Conditions / Issue 5+6
  • "The Future Archaeologist". Beyond Magazine / Issue 3
  • "Big Box Robotz". Journal of American Institute of Architecture Students / Spring 2010
  • "Laundry Man". Conditions / Issue 3
  • "Point Clouds". MAS Context / Issue 4
  • "Vertical Urbanism". 306090 / Issue 12

Jimenez Lai's new monograph, Citizens of no place : an architectural graphic novel supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and Princeton Architectural Press. [1]

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