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Jimmy Chunga (Brett Smith) is an American radio personality and actor, living and working in Salt Lake City, Utah. During his radio career, Chunga has worked for X96 and KENZ in Utah.

Chunga trivia[edit]

On March 31, 2006 Chunga gave a stand-up comedy performance at the Wise Guys Comedy Club in West Valley, Utah. He was opening for famed comedian Lewis Black, who was working out some material prior to filming an HBO special.[1][2]

Bill Allred of X96 has repeatedly claimed to have bestowed the "Jimmy Chunga" moniker on Chunga - something that Chunga has also confirmed on air. Allred claims that he had previously said that if he were to ever use a radio name, he would use "Jimmy Chunga." When Chunga was to debut on the radio he asked Allred if he could use the name and was given permission.[3][4]

Chunga has appeared in various movies filmed in Utah, including "Forever Strong," "Taking 5," "White on Rice," "Church Ball" as well as other Halestorm Entertainment movies. Jimmy Chunga has also appeared briefly in other films, including Believe The Movie as a DJ giving commentary on multi-level marketing, and "Stalking Santa" with former co-host Mister West and narrator William Shatner.[5][6]

Chunga has a younger brother, Jon Smith, who also works in radio.