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Jimmy Edgar
Jimmy Edgar at Bang Face Weekender 2010 (4579409589) (2).jpg
Edgar at Bang Face Weekender 2010
Background information
Born 1983
Origin Detroit, Michigan, United States
Genres Techno/electronica, funktronica
Occupations Producer, photographer
Instruments Drums, keyboard, bass
Years active 2002–present
Labels Warp Records, K7 Records, Hotflush Recordings
Website www.jimmyedgar.com

Jimmy Edgar is a Detroit-based electronic music artist, signed to K7 Records. In his early years he was influenced by jazz, funk, street beat and R&B. He began his musical pursuit by playing the drums in experimental bands and by making tape recordings. Most of these recordings, consisting mainly of pitch bent tape loops, cut edits, field recordings, and noise tracks, were the beginning of his experimentation with the technical aspects of production.[1] Jimmy Edgar is the self-proclaimed poster child of Sound Couture.[2] He mutually left Warp Records in 2008 due to creative differences shortly after his single "I Wanna Be Your STD" appeared on the label's top ten 20th anniversary box set WARP20.[3]


Early life[edit]

Edgar's intense passion for music also propelled him at a young age to learn to play any instrument he could get his hands on, including string instruments, saxophone, and mostly percussion/drum set. By the time he was 15, he started performing at Detroit raves.[4]

In early 1999 Edgar signed his first record deal with NYC based Isophlux Records, following a release of a techno track called "We Like You" on the German label Poker Flat.[4] Then, after only hearing one of his tracks, Miami based Merck Records immediately signed him and released his first full length album My Mines I [merck009] by the "dual alter ego" kristuit salu vs. morris nightingale. After the release of My Mines I in February 2002, Edgar started getting some attention which lead to touring cities in the US, including New York City, performing at the infamous experimental music fest the Miami Infiltrate, Vancouver and selected cities in Japan. Touring he got a good response from his live performances as he carried a distinctive energy on to stage and incorporates visuals such as synchronized projections. He was also asked to perform at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2003 which was his debut as a Warp Records artist, and in which Detroit witnessed a legend in formation as even the security got down with the local break dancing squad.[citation needed] His first release on Warp was a 4-track EP, titled Access Rhythm' in 2004. In 2005 he followed up a second 6-track EP Bounce Make Model, and then his full-length album Color Strip in February 2006.

A forthcoming album XXX, formerly called Deeper, is expected June 2010 on K7 Records. The second single, "Turn You Inside Out," was released on rcrdlbl.com in July 2008 and became the #1 most popular download within the first week .[5] Edgar continues to perform internationally, most notably in Tokyo, Zagreb, Istanbul, Athens, Tallinn, Moscow, Turin, London, Berlin and more. According to Divine Cosmos Blog, "Hot, Raw, Sex" will be the first single.


Sample of Edgar's work

Edgar is an award winning fashion photographer[6][citation needed] which has seen his work in such publications as H Magazine, Spot Magazine, Urb Magazine, Blink Magazine and more. He continues to work back and forth from Los Angeles and New York City, while exhibiting his work in Europe and Japan. Edgar shoots in a varying of different styles from new digital HDR technology, to medium format film inspired by early Prada, Fendi and Calvin Klein ads. He often test shoots select agency models.

Edgar's fashion photography was featured on the cover of the 10th anniversary issue of H Magazine (Spain), which also published the entire story 'Adaptable Color'. The story also made the cover with accompanied interview in UK's NOTION magazine and a video interview for ELLE Belgium.

2010 brought an introduction to Jimmy Edgar fashion films for such designers as Japan's BLACKOPERATOR, and his own series with Liz Centolella, they can be found on YouTube.

In addition to shooting fashion, Jimmy has also shot press photos for Hercules & Love Affair, Kelley Polar, Morgan Geist, Theophilus London, Black Affair, Beta Band, and new signing from Ninja Tune records Emika.

Other projects[edit]


In July 2009, electropop singer Almamy announced in an interview that he was working with Edgar on a 5-track conceptual EP called The Love, from which his cover of Daft Punk's Digital Love was to be the first single off. The project is set to be the first installment in a series of 5-track conceptual EPs, entirely produced by Edgar, to be released quarterly, starting in the Fall of 2009.[7]

Black Affair[edit]

Steve Mason, famed singer of Scotland's The Beta Band, collaborated with Edgar on his album Pleasure Pressure Point released on V2 Records in 2008. Edgar co-produced & engineered the Pleasure Pressure Point album, produced and directed the music video for "It's Real", shot Steve Mason's press photography for the campaign and also designed all of the 12" singles and the album artwork which features a photograph still from the video shoot. Black Affair and its affiliation to Edgar gave both Mason and Edgar a new edge on their own music with their tight connection. According to recent interviews, they are planning a next move.


Edgar and Machinedrum release an E.P. in 2012 as Jets.

Her Bad Habit[edit]

2008 saw the debut release from Edgar's new electrofunk project, Her Bad Habit, on the Citinite label. The five-track EP contains more live instrumentation than his previous work and combines a variety of influences, from Chicago house to Minneapolis funk.[8]

X District[edit]

In 2007, Edgar started several new projects as executive producer. One of which is X District, which started out as an accidental exchange of cryptic and symbolic writings between Edgar and Laura Clarke from Leeds. These conversations and typed words ended up as the "Color Correction" maxi-single on Noir Push Recordings, a label affiliates with friends of Edgar.[9] In December 2008, "Color Correction" was re-released on Playhouse Records (Germany) with remixes by Edgar and LoSoul.

Plus Device[edit]

Edgar is rumoured to be half of the anonymous Plus Device. Plus Device is an electro "duo" released as one of the top artists on Hefty Records.[10]

Creepy Autograph[edit]

Edgar is also rumoured to be part of the anonymous Creepy Autograph along with several other members including Nels Truesdell, Alice Wakefield, and Dutch Master. Creepy Autograph have seen releases including Erase in Mind EP, Sexy Body EP, and Murder Sex on vinyl. These EPs are published under Valentines Connexion and distributed through Rush Hour (Netherlands).


In 1998, Edgar began digitally producing conceptual music under the name Michaux. Edgar's only release as Michaux came in 2003 on the label Audio.NL. The album is named %20, URL code for the space character, and explores the concept of silence as well as sounds outputted by computer viruses. According to Audio.NL, sections of the album are so "extreme in frequency" that an acceptable vinyl release could not be produced, making it the only compact disc release on the label to date. The Michaux project is revered as one of the pioneering releases of the genre called Glitch or Microsound and according to the Boomkat review was "some of the most original treatments you'll hear on any disc, at any time, anywhere."

According to Muzak Soundish blog, the torch of Michaux has been passed to famed Christian Dior fashion model Dana LeGlise.



  • Majenta (07/05/2012)[11]

Track Listing - Majenta

  1. Too Shy
  2. This One’s For The Children
  3. Sex Drive
  4. Indigo Mechanix (3D)
  5. Attempt To Make It Last
  6. Let Yrself Be
  7. Touch Yr Bodytime
  8. Hrt Real Good
  9. I Need Your Control
  10. Heartkey
  11. In Deep
  12. Switch Switch
  13. U Need Love
  • XXX (27/07/2010 digital, 14/09/2010 physical) [12]

Track Listing - XXX

  1. Function of Your Love
  2. Hot, Raw, Sex
  3. Turn You Inside Out
  4. New Touch
  5. One Twenty Detail
  6. Rewind, Stop that Tape
  7. Push
  8. Physical Motion
  9. In My Color
  10. Midnite Fone Call
  11. Vibration
  12. Sleep Connexion (Date Rp)
  • Color Strip (20/05/2006)

Track Listing - Color Strip

  1. Pret A Porter
  2. My Beats
  3. I Wanna Be Your STD
  4. LBLB Detroit
  5. Personal Information
  6. Telautraux
  7. Hold It Attach It Connect It
  8. Jefferson Interception
  9. Of The Silent Variety
  10. Semierotiic
  11. Color Strip (Warren)
  12. Heart Beat Sexual (Hidden Track)
  • Color Strip (Japanese Import) (20/05/2006)

Track Listing - Color Strip

  1. Pret A Porter
  2. My Beats
  3. I Wanna Be Your STD
  4. LBLB Detroit
  5. Personal Information
  6. Telautraux
  7. Hold It Attach It Connect It
  8. Jefferson Interception
  9. Of The Silent Variety
  10. Semierotiic
  11. Color Strip (Warren)
  12. Heart Beat Sexual
  13. Cadieux + Cass (Bonus Track)
  • My Mines I (as Kristuit Salu and Morris Nightingale, 02/2002)
  •  %20 (as Michaux, 2003)

EPs and Singles[edit]

  • New Touch Remixes (01/01/11)
  • NXTLVLNXTLVL / My Balance (Last Priority) (10/10/10)
  • Hot, Raw, Sex Remixes (07/07/10)
  • Tell It To The Heart (06/06/10)
  • Funktion of Your Love E.P. (09/09/09)
  • Lips Sealed (as Noir Friction, 05/05/09)
  • Nothing is Better (09/20/08)
  • I Don't Know (What You're Doing To Me) (as Her Bad Habit, 04/07/08)
  • Color Correction (as X District with Laura Clarke, 10/2007)
  • My Beats (02/22/06)
  • Bounce, Make, Model (04/02/05)
  • Access Rhythm (12/01/04)
  • Seual Dual (as Kristuit Salu, 2001)


  • Will Smith "Miami (Jimmy Edgar Ultra Cut) 2002
  • Tuesday "There's No Love in New York City (Remix) 2003
  • Creepy Autograph "Signed Yours Truly (Jimmy Edgar Cut Edit) 2004
  • Jimmy Edgar "Outer City Sound (Jimmy Edgar Hefty Records Remix)" 2007
  • Yaporigami "Lie (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2007
  • Aaliyah "Are You That Somebody (Jimmy's Remix)" 2007
  • Black Affair "Its Real (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2008
  • Daedelus "Touchtone (Jimmy Edgar RMX)" 2008
  • Jimmy Edgar "Funktion Remix instrumental" 2008
  • Scott Hardkiss "Hey Deejay! (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2008
  • X District "Color Correction (Jimmy Edgar LTNT RMX)" 2009
  • Purple Crush "Get Digital (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2009
  • Silverclub "Crash this Car (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2009
  • Fulgeance "Ann Arbor (Jimmy E Rmx)" 2009
  • Kris Wadsworth "Mainline (Jimmy E Remix)" 2009
  • Aux 88 "Mad Scientist (Jimmy Edgar REMIX)" 2009
  • Machinedrum feat. Theophilus London "Late Night Operation (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2009
  • Kathy Diamond "Fire (Jimmy Edgar RMX)" 2009
  • Bitcode "For Trash (Jimmy Edgar RMX)" 2009
  • Michael Jackson "Billie Jean (Jimmy Edgar Club Mix)" 2009
  • Jimmy Edgar "Hot, Raw, Sex (Extension)" 2010
  • Ghost Hunter "Island Barbados (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2010
  • The Dream "Panties on the Side (Jimmy Edgar RMX)" 2010
  • Jimmy Edgar "New Touch (Hard Makeover)" 2010
  • Jimmy Edgar "New Touch (Cut Tap Disco MX)" 2010
  • Native Underground "Night Vision (Jimmy Edgar Redo)" 2010
  • Tahiti 80 "Darlin (Adam & Eve Song, Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2011
  • DJ T "Nothing Even Comes Close (JIMMY EDGAR LH RMX)" 2011
  • Amon Tobin "Mass Spring (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2011
  • Amon Tobin "Drop From The Sky (Jimmy Edgar Manipulation)" 2011
  • INOJ "Love U Down (Jimmy Edgar's Lip Kiss)" 2011
  • New Look "The Ballad (Jimmy Edgar Makeover)" 2011
  • Jimmy Edgar "Ladyphysix (Change "Lovely Lady" / Dopplereffekt "Infophysix" Mashup) 2011
  • Native Underground "Night Vision (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2011
  • Sepalcure "Everyday of my Life (Jimmy Edgar Re-Mix)" 2011
  • INC. "Millionaires (Jimmy Edgar Fxck Money Mix)" 2011
  • Creep "You featuring Nina Sky (Jimmy Edgar Club Mix)" 2011
  • Theophilus London "Why Even Try aka W.E.T. (Jimmy Edgars Modular Disco)" 2011
  • Emika "3 Hours/Hit Me (Jimmy Edgar Remix/Music Video)" 2011
  • Bitcode "Bark (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2011
  • NyteOwl "Love U (Jimmy Edgar Pantone Color)" 2011
  • Royalty "Cookie Dough (Jimmy Edgar's Cookie Monster)" 2011
  • DJ T "Nothing Even Comes Close (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2011
  • Filterwolf "Brooklyn via Montmarte (Jimmy Edgar Edit)" 2011
  • Jimmy Edgar "Hot, Raw, Sex (Hot Sharp Touch, for Collette Sex Compilation, FR)" 2011
  • Paul Thomas and Funkagenda "Gornal (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2011
  • Marius "Checkered Flag (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" 2012
  • Deft "Clotting (Jimmy Edgar Makeover)" 2012


  • Emika "Hit Me/3 Hours" Ninja Tune Records, Directed by Jimmy Edgar (2012)
  • PLAYING WITH FIRE, Directed by Jimmy Edgar (10/2011)
  • ELPHA, Fashion Film Directed by Jimmy Edgar (01/2011)
  • KATE, Fashion Film Directed by Jimmy Edgar (01/2011)
  • BRIDGET, Fashion Film Directed by Jimmy Edgar (01/2011)
  • BLACK OPERATOR, Fashion Commercial Directed by Jimmy Edgar (09/2010)
  • SHE LET'S HIM, Short Film Directed by Jimmy Edgar (05/2010)
  • Nothing is Better, Directed by Jimmy Edgar (08/01/2008)
  • LB LB Detroit, Directed by Christos Chrestatos (07/01/2006)


  • Turin, Italy (2006) Museum during Torino Winter Olympics
  • New York City, USA (2007) Photography Exhibition Finite Gallery
  • Miami, USA (2007) MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art Live Sound Installation
  • New York CIty, USA (2008) White Museum, Jimmy Edgar Painting Exhibition
  • New York City, USA (05/2008) XXX Exhibition Jimmy Edgar Photography/Polaroid
  • Detroit, USA (08/2009) 555 Gallery Jimmy Edgar Painting Exhibition
  • Pontiac, USA (11/2009) Vernor's Room Jimmy Edgar Complete Works (Painting on Canvas Series)
  • Bologna, Italy (01/21-01/24/2010) Installation Link Museum featuring Work No. 11


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