Jimmy Keegan

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Jimmy Keegan
Birth name James E. Keegan
Born (1969-11-03)November 3, 1969
Los Angeles, California, US
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Genres Progressive, R&B
Instruments Drums, vocals
Years active 30

Jimmy Keegan is a drummer. He has played with artists such as Santana, as the drummer on the song "Primavera" on Santana's hit album Supernatural and with John Waite, and is the current drummer for the progressive rock band Spock's Beard, having replaced original drummer Nick D'Virgilio in November 2011 following D'Virgilio's departure from Spock's Beard.

He was born November 3, 1969, and is the youngest of 8 children.

Acting/Voiceover career[edit]

According to an interview with Keegan, he did voiceover work as a child. His credits included G.I. Joe, The Littles (TV series) ,"Explorers" and Over The Top. While Keegan voiced various characters on G.I. Joe, his primary character on The Littles was Henry Bigg. Keegan said "the voice-over work is probably the most fun because I'm a huge cartoon fan." [1] He also had a very brief appearance on the long running CBS daytime drama The Young and the Restless in 1983 as Phillip Chancellor III.


Keegan used to play Tama Drums with bubinga shells in blue sparkle. He now endorses Yamaha Drums. He also uses Aquarian heads and Vater sticks, Paiste cymbals and Audio Technica microphones.


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