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The Jimmy Reid Foundation is a left-wing think tank and advocacy group operating in Scotland.[1] It was established in memory of Jimmy Reid, a well-known trade union activist, by the Editorial Board of the Scottish Left Review.[2]


The Foundation's highest-profile project, started in 2013, is the Common Weal, a blueprint for an independent Scotland following the Nordic model of social security.[3] The blueprint was set to be discussed at the Scottish National Party's annual conference in 2013,[1] and was been backed by figures such as Dennis Canavan[1] and Jim Mather.[4]

The Common Weal was also discussed at Labour for Independence's first conference in July 2013.[5][6][7]

In August 2013, the Jimmy Reid Foundation led calls for a memorial to be erected in honour of those who opposed the outbreak of World War I. Its "alternative World War One Commemoration Committee" identified John Wheatley, John Maclean, Mary Barbour, Helen Crawfurd, Jimmy Maxton, Agnes Dollan, Willie Gallagher, Rev James Barr, and Keir Hardie in its list of prominent opponents of the war.[8]

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