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Birth name Jamie Odell
Origin Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom
Genres Deep house, house, jungle, acid jazz, electronica
Occupation(s) Producer, DJ
Years active 1997–present
Website www.myspace.com/jimpster

Jimpster (aka Audiomontage and real name Jamie Odell) is a British deep house producer, DJ, and founder of the record label Freerange Records.[1] While producing his own tracks and playing live shows, Jimpster has also worked on remixes, including a remix of the song 400 years by Bob Marley.[2]


Born into a musical family, Jimpster was influenced and encouraged by his father Roger Odell who is the drummer in the jazz-funk band Shakatak. It was there that he was first exposed to electronic synthesizers and recording equipment at around age 10. He started Freerange records with his friend Tom Roberts in 1996, a label that has since found a niche in deep house and includes names like Shur-I-Kan and Milton Jackson.[3] Jimpster played in a live electronica band, The Bays, from 2002 until 2007, but eventually had to choose between carrying on with the band and focusing on his djing and record label.[4]


Studio Albums[edit]

  • Martian Arts (1997), Instinct Ambient
  • Messages From the Hub (1999), Kudos
  • Live At Soundofspeed (2000), Soundofspeed
  • Domestic Science (2002), Kudos
  • Amour (2006), Freerange Records
  • Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (2013), Freerange Records

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Initial EP (1996), Freerange Records
  • Interconnect EP (1997), Kudos
  • Deepdown EP (2001), Kudos
  • Martian Arts (1996), Freerange Records
  • Perennial Pleasures (1997), Kudos
  • Seeing Is Believing (2000), Kudos
  • State of Mind (2002), Kudos
  • Armour LP Sampler (2006), Freerange
  • Square Up (2006), Buzzin' Fly Records
  • Dangly Panther (2008), Freerange Records
  • Sleeper (2009), Freerange Records



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