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Diagram of gin pole

A jin-pole or gin pole (the more common spelling) is a rigid pole with a pulley or Block and tackle on the end used for the purpose of lifting. The lower portion of the gin-pole is set in a shallow hole in the ground and the top secured with three or more guy-wires. The wires or ropes can be manipulated to position the object being lifted.[1] or attached to the upper exterior of an existing tower or structure. The gin-pole's free end extends above the location the object is to be lifted. When used to create a segmented tower or antenna, the gin-pole can be detached, raised and re-attached to the just completed segment for the purpose of lifting the next segment. The process is repeated until the top most portion of the tower is completed.

Gin pole is also considered to be a form of derricks, called standing derrick or pole derrick.[2]

A "jin pole" being used to install a weather vane atop the 200 foot steeple of a church in Kingston, New York.
Roof trusses being erected with gin poles

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