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Jingui Yaolue (simplified Chinese: 金匮要略; traditional Chinese: 金匱要略; pinyin: Jīnguì Yàolüè), Synopsis of Golden Chamber in medical book or Essential Medical Treasures of the Golden Chamber in prescription book is a classic clinical book of traditional Chinese medicine written by Zhang Zhongjing (simplified Chinese: 张仲景; traditional Chinese: 張仲景; pinyin: Zhāng Zhòngjǐng) (150-219) at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty and was first published in the Northern Song Dynasty. The oldest known extant copy, believed to be bibliographically closest to the original, dates to 1340 and was printed with woodcuts in the early Ming Dynasty.[1] No academic translation and annotation exists in English, although one is currently underway.[2]

There is an annotated English translation by Luo Xiwen,Ph.D, with three hundred modern case histories titled: Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber with 300 Cases. First published in 1995 by New World Press.


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