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Coordinates: 39°54′26″N 116°23′28″E / 39.9073°N 116.391°E / 39.9073; 116.391

Jinling High School
Jinling High School logo.svg
"Honesty, Truth, Diligence, Benevolence"
Zhongshan Road 169, 210005
Nanjing, Jiangsu
Type Public, secondary
Established 1888
Principal Zou Zheng (邹正)
Staff 236 (as of August 2006)
Number of students 3,128 (as of August 2006)
Campus Urban

Jinling High School (Chinese: 金陵中学; pinyin: Jīnlíng Zhōngxué, or Jin-Zhong/金中 for short) is a public high school located in downtown Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.


American missionaries of Methodist Episcopal Church in China founded Fowler Biblical School (Chinese: 汇文书院; pinyin: Huìwén Shūyuàn) in 1888 and established its high school branch in 1890. Fowler Biblical School was reorganized as Jinling University (University of Nanking) since 1910 and the high school branch had been therefore called High School Affiliated to Jinling University (金陵大学附属中学) and Jinling High School for short.

In 1937, the school was relocated to Chongqing due to the Second Sino-Japanese War. During the Nanking Massacre, the school's campus was part of the Nanking Safety Zone, where civilians were protected from the slaughter by Japanese troops. The school restored its operation in Nanjing in 1939, which was fully recovered in 1946 after the war.

The school's name was changed to Nanjing No. 10 Middle School (南京市第十中学) in 1951 following the merger with the High School Affiliated to Ginling College (金陵女子文理学院附属中学). The school's original name "Jinling High School" was restored in 1988 before the centennial anniversary. Jinling High School has long been a key school in Jiangsu province and one of the most prestigious high schools in China.


Fowler Biblical School chapel (汇文书院钟楼), which is located on the main campus, was constructed in 1888 and rebuilt in 1917. It was the first 3-storey building in Nanjing. In 2006 it was recognized as a Major Sites Protected at the National Level as part of the former site of University of Nanking. The chapel is illustrated on the school emblem.


H. S. Thompson's "Annie Lisle", with lyrics written by sinologist Hu Xiaoshi (胡小石), has been used as the official anthem of Jinling High School since the 1930s.

The school's motto is "Honesty, Truth, Diligence, Benevolence" (诚、真、勤、仁).

The school celebrates its anniversary on 2 October, a "Food Festival" (美食节) on 31 December and several Sports Days in October.

The school publishes several student-run campus magazines every quarter.


Jinling High School has a long tradition of excellence in athletics. The boys' soccer team had been the national champion for many times as early as in the 1930s. The girls' basketball team has recently triumphed at the Asian championship and the National championship. Several national and Olympic champions in swimming and volleyball are the graduates of the school.

Notable alumni[edit]

For more than a century, over 100,000 graduates have been groomed. Among them are educationist Tao Xingzhi, master architect and the designer of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum Lv Yanzhi, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former honorary chairman of its core scholar's presidium, thermal physicist Wu Zhonghua, economists Wu Jinglian and Li Yining, biologist Fu Xin-Yuan, mathematician and leader of differential coefficient geometry Tian Gang, Nobel Laureate in Literature Gao Xingjian, and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Qi Kang.

Hexi campus[edit]

Jinling High School Hexi Campus (Chinese: 金陵中学河西分校) is a private high school affiliated with Jinling High School. It is located in the Hexi region in Jianye District, near Nanjing Olympic Sports Center.

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