Jinzū River

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Jinzū River
Jinzu River.jpg
Jinzū River in Toyama Prefecture
Origin Kaoredake
Mouth Toyama Bay
Basin countries Japan
Length 120 km (75 mi)
Source elevation 1,626 m (5,335 ft)
Avg. discharge 163.6 m3/s (5,780 cu ft/s) at mouth
Basin area 2,720 km2 (1,050 sq mi)
River system Jinzū River

The Jinzū River (神通川 Jinzū-gawa?) is a river that flows from Gifu Prefecture to Toyama Prefecture in Japan. It is called Miya River (宮川 Miya-gawa) in Gifu. It is 120 km (75 mi) in length and has a watershed of 2,720 km2 (1,050 sq mi).


The river flows from Mount Kaore in Gifu and meets the Takahara River at the border between Gifu and Toyama. Then it flows straight to the north and pours into Toyama Bay and the Sea of Japan. It once meandered through the city of Toyama, but the new waterway was constructed in the west of the city to avoid floods. Toyama City Hall and other governments are located on the reclaimed land of the old river.


The river was polluted with cadmium due to mining and caused the itai-itai disease in the downstream towns around World War II.


The Japanese Navy cruiser Jintsū was named after this river.

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