Jinzhou District

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Jinzhou in Dalian, Liaoning
Jinzhou in Dalian, Liaoning
Country China
Province Liaoning
Prefecture Dalian
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Jinzhou District (simplified Chinese: 金州区; traditional Chinese: 金州區; pinyin: Jīnzhōu Qū; literally: "Golden State") is one of the six districts of Dalian, Liaoning, China. It is located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) northeast of the city centre and facing the Bohai Sea to the west and has a longer history than Dalian itself, and used to be a thriving walled city where the officials of this area were dispatched from the central government. Recently, it is again a thriving town, having Dalian Development Area within its area as well as becoming a bedtown to downtown Dalian.

Xiangying Square in the center of Jinzhou, with Guan Xiangying's statue (left) and the former Museum turned a drugstore (back).


Before Russia leased Lüshun Naval Port and established Dalian as a commercial port in 1898, Jinzhou was the center of this region, a thriving walled town, to which the central government official was dispatched to rule this region.

  • Republic of China
    • Japan's lease agreement was extended to 99 years, until 1999 (1915)
    • The Soviet forces advanced to Jinzhou and the Communist Party-led Jinzhou Prefectural Government was established (1945)
  • People's Republic of China
    • Jinzhou became part of Lüda City (1950)
    • After becoming part of Liaonan Special Zone (1966), Jinzhou was returned to Lüda City (1969), which was later renamed as Dalian City (1981)

Recently, it is again a thriving District, having Dalian Development Area within it as well as becoming a bedtown to downtown Dalian.


  • 1074.6 aquare kilometers of land
  • 20 kilometers northeast of the center of Dalian City
  • Pulandian City to the north, Ganjingzi District to the south, the Yellow Sea to the east and the Bohai Sea to the west
  • Highest point: Dahei Mountain, 662 meters above sea level
  • In winter, the Yellow Sea side of Jinzhou does not freeze, but the Bohai Sea side freezes in January and February

Administrative Divisions[2][edit]

The former yamen of the Jinzhou fudutong

There are 7 subdistricts, 10 towns, and 1 ethnic township within the district.



The only township is Qidingshan Manchu Ethnic Township (七顶山满族民族乡)


Jinzhou train station


Colleges and Universities

Other Special Schools


Jinzhou's New Museum.
  • Xiangying Square and Stalin Road for Pedestrians only
  • Former government official's office
  • Jinzhou Museum, being newly built in north of the town
  • Longwang Taoist Temple, Jinzhou Christian Church, etc.
  • South Hills, a Russo-Japanese war battleground
  • Dahei Mountain

Dalian Development Area

  • Cannon Hills, East Mountain Park, Kailun International Hot Spring Club, etc.

Golden Pebble Beach (Jinshitan) Tourist Area

  • Golden Pebble Beach Golf Course, Discovery Kingdom, etc.

Eight Views of Old Jinzhou[edit]

The Eight Views of Old Jinzhou are:[3]

  • Shengshui Temple (Buddhist, Dahei Mountain)
  • Xiangshui Temple (Taoist, Dahei Mountain)
  • Chaoyang Temple (Buddhist, Dahei Mountain)
  • Beisha Castle (Dahei Mountain)
  • Yuhuang Temple (Taoist)
  • Diaojingtai
  • Longwang Temple (Taoist)
  • Mengzhen Cave

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