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Cell-phone service provider
Industry Telecommunications
Genre Wireless
Founded 2006; 9 years ago (2006)
Headquarters San Diego, California, United States
Products CDMA2000 via the Verizon Wireless network
Parent GreatCall, Inc. (Operates on the Verizon Network)

GreatCall is based in San Diego, CA and provides service using the Verizon Wireless network.


GreatCall was incorporated in 2006 to create more accessible cell phones for seniors and launched the original Jitterbug the same year. In December 2006, the Jitterbug was named one of New York Times’ tech journalist David Pogue’s “Brilliant Ideas That Found a Welcome.”[1]

The company entered the mobile health industry in 2009 with the launch of LiveNurse (now Urgent Care) which provides customers with unlimited access to registered nurses 24 hours a day in partnership with FONEMED. In 2011, GreatCall launched its first smartphone app, MedCoach, for individuals looking for a way to stay on track with their daily medication management.[2]

GreatCall further expanded its offerings in 2011 with the 5Star Urgent Response service, a way for users to protect themselves at home or on the go.[3] This mobile personal emergency response system uses patented GPS technology and advanced location analysis to connect customers with emergency response agents. In 2012, Jitterbug Touch, the company’s first smartphone was launched. GreatCall Link, a smartphone app, was introduced in 2014 to seamlessly connect GreatCall’s health and safety products with family caregivers.

Jitterbug cell phones + GreatCall GoPlans[edit]

GreatCall’s original product, the Jitterbug cell phone, was launched in 2006. The first cell phone designed and marketed to seniors based on premium hardware and ease-of-use features, the Jitterbug brand has developed as a health & safety device. Combining talk minutes with the 5Star Service and Urgent Care service, the GoPlans bring a higher level of safety and health management and a new meaning to value. Additional free health management services include: Medication Reminder Service, Brain Games, Daily Health Tips, a weekly wellness call from Dr. Brian Alman, and automated Wellness Calls.

The Jitterbug Touch 2 is an Android-powered smartphone with a four-inch display screen. The phone features large fonts and a touchscreen interface as well as shortcuts for access to the Internet and apps. The phone also has a 5 MP camera, with front-facing camera.

GreatCall’s cell phones provide nationwide coverage via the Verizon Wireless network. The company has no contracts or cancellation fees.

GreatCall Splash with 5Star[edit]

In 2011, GreatCall launched an emergency service and device called 5Star Urgent Response – today known as GreatCall Splash with 5Star. This one touch waterproof device gives users access to NAED Certified Response Agents who can identify their location, evaluate the situation and get them assistance. 5Star Agents are 100 percent U.S. based and are trained in CPR and other emergency procedures. Using information provided in confidential Personal Profiles, 5Star Agents can conference in emergency contacts, access medical information, connect users to a live, registered nurse or dispatch 9-1-1 emergency services or a range of other support services. Agents will remain on the line until the situation is resolved.

Health and Safety Mobile Apps[edit]

GreatCall currently offers four health and safety apps. GreatCall’s MedCoach app, which helps users follow their medication schedule as prescribed by their doctor, was introduced to iTunes in June 2011 and to Android in December 2011. The app also sends medication reminders directly to the users’ cell phones.

In October 2011, GreatCall launched its 5Star Urgent Response app. As with the 5Star device, users get access to NAED Certified Response Agents trained in CPR and other emergency procedures who can identify their location and dispatch emergency services.

Urgent Care, GreatCall’s third app, was launched in January 2013. This app connects iPhone and Android users to a registered nurse who can assess their medical situation. It also contains a symptom checker, access to a medical dictionary and bilingual service.

And GreatCall Link, introduced January 2014, provides alerts to the caregiver when the 5Star subscriber hits the button for help. It also provides a record of all calls and the status of each interaction with one of GreatCall’s NAED Certified Response agents. Information includes date, time and location on a map so the caregiver has a clear understanding of what is happening in real time. In addition GreatCall Link provides caregivers with on-demand information, to confirm that daily routines are normal and appointments are kept.

GreatCall and Bosch Healthcare announced commercial availability of Health Buddy Mobile, the first mobile telehealth product to emerge from the strategic partnership announced in February 2013. Health Buddy Mobile, launched January 2014, combines Bosch Healthcare’s health management content and functionality with GreatCall’s Jitterbug Plus cell phone, rated highly for its ease-of-use and ability to engage consumers. The first release of Health Buddy Mobile is aimed to support patients with congestive heart failure (alone and with comorbid depression), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes (alone and with hypertension and coronary artery disease).

Customer Service[edit]

GreatCall employs a U.S. based team of customer service agents who provide assistance and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the company’s products and services. These employees are based in Carlsbad, Calif. and Reno, Nev.

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