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For the network of journalists commonly referred to as J-List, see JournoList.
J-List Co., Ltd.
Industry Online retail, localization
Founders Peter Payne
Headquarters Gunma Prefecture, Japan
Divisions JBOX
Subsidiaries JAST USA
Website jlist.com (NSFW)

J-List (officially Yūgen Gaisha J-List) is an online retailer of Japanese goods for consumers outside of Japan, with a concentration on otaku goods, anime and manga.[1] It is also the parent company of Peach Princess, G-Collections and Jast USA, which are known for their English translations of bishōjo erotic games. It was established by American expatriate Peter Payne, in 1996. Its head office is located in Isesaki, Gunma, Japan, with a branch office in San Diego, California.[2]

JBOX is a division of J-List that focuses on all-age, non-sexual merchandise.


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