João Roberto Marinho

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João Roberto Marinho
Joao roberto marinho.jpg
João Roberto Marinho (2007)
Born João Roberto Marinho
(1953-09-16) September 16, 1953 (age 61)
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nationality  Brazil
Ethnicity Italian and Portuguese descent
Occupation CEO of the Editorial Board and vice president of the Organizações Globo
Net worth Increase US$ 6.5 billion (2012)[1][2]
Spouse(s) Gisela Marinho[3]
Children Rodrigo Marinho
Parents Roberto Marinho and Stella Goulart Marinho[3]

João Roberto Marinho (Rio de Janeiro, September 16, 1953) is a Brazilian businessman, Chairman of the Editorial Board and vice president of the Globo Organizations. He is the third of four children of the deceased communications tycoon Roberto Marinho (1904-2003).[3]

João Roberto is married to Gisela Marinho.[3] The couple's son, Rodrigo Marinho, is a vice president of the Globo Organizations.[4]


João Roberto began his career as a journalist for the newspaper "O Globo". He was also Managing Director of the Roberto Marinho Foundation.[5]

As chairman of the Editorial Board, in practical terms is João Roberto Marinho who determines the editorial line of the Globo Organizations.[5]

He is also member of the Board of Governance of the Instituto Millenium.[6]


João Roberto is an amateur rider and was Brazilian champion by teams in 2010 (range of 1.20 m) mounting Haria.[7]


Historically linked to the Brazilian military regime and later to the Bahia's powerful politician Antônio Carlos Magalhães (ACM, one of the civilian exponents of the military dictatorship), in the mid-1990s the Globo Organizations began a gradual move away from its past under the command of the three sons of Roberto Marinho.[2][8] This became evident in March 2000, when corruption allegations against ACM have been transmitted in prime time and national network on TV Globo. The move surprised and enraged the politician - who was the owner of a subsidiary of Rede Globo in Salvador, TV Bahia. ACM sent a fax in protest to the Marinhos and João Roberto commented that he considered the complaint "natural" and that the relationship with the senator was "very good."[8]

The journalist Paulo Nogueira, former director of Editora Globo, recalls that he once proposed an assignment to be published by the magazine Época (of the Globo Organizations), about Internet complaints against Brazilian mainstream media, identified as a closed, select club, (the "Hípica"), whose members hate each other, but don't criticize themselves. João Roberto determined that the assignment was not made. Nogueira also accused João Roberto of having forbidden him to defend himself against a "dishonest attack" promoted by Diogo Mainardi, one of the exponents of the neoconservative thinking in Brazil.[9]

In July 2008, during the IV Brazilian Congress of Advertising, João Roberto criticized the Brazilian government for putting itself as "guardian of the people" in the adoption of a classification of TV shows by age group. "The Brazilian citizen is an adult. Could not be treated as a subordinate, i.e., has rights to choose and knows how to do it," he said. But he clarified that the "contempt for freedom of expression", only reached the area of entertainment and that the journalism practiced by the Globo Organizations not experienced any censorship by the federal government.[10]

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