Joachim Trier

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Joachim Trier
Born 1974 (age 39–40)
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Film director
Years active 2006–present

Joachim Trier (born 1974) is a Norwegian film director raised in Oslo, Norway.[1] His father Jacob Trier was the sound technician of Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, the most notable film produced in Norway.[2]

His debut film Reprise follows the story of two aspiring writers and their volatile relationship.[3] Released by Miramax films in 2006, it received several national awards, including the Amanda Award and the Aamot Statuette,[4][5] as well as international recognition, with prizes at film festivals in Toronto, Istanbul, Rotterdam, Milano and Karlovy Vary,[6] and led him to be named one of Variety's "10 Directors to Watch" in 2007.[2]

As a teenager, he was a top skateboarder who began shooting and producing his own skateboarding videos.[2] His passion for film making furthered in his early twenties and this ultimately lead to his studies at the European Film College in Ebeltoft from 1995–1996 and at the UK's National Film & Television School.[1] In an interview with phase9 TV, Trier expressed that his future projects would pertain mainly to his personal interests.[7] His films focus primarily on memory and identity, which he regards as essential themes for cinema.[8]

His 2011 film Oslo, August 31st premiered in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.[9][10] Regarded as an adaptation of Louis Malle's The Fire Within, the film's original plot is shifted from the location of Paris to Oslo.[3] This was done to create a modern-day feel so audiences could establish an emotional connection to the film.[3] The film received critical acclaim and was featured on several critics' 2012 top 10 lists.[11][12]

He has been named as one of the jury members for the Cinéfondation and short film sections of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.[13]


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