Joan of Savoy

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Joan of Savoy
Joan and her mother's tomb in église des Cordeliers
Duchess consort of Brittany
Tenure 21 March 1330–30 April 1341
Spouse John III, Duke of Brittany
House House of Savoy
Father Edward, Count of Savoy
Mother Bianca of Burgundy
Born c. 1310
Died 29 June 1344 (aged 33–34)
Burial église des Cordeliers, Dijon
Religion Roman Catholicism

Joan of Savoy also known as Giovanna di Savoia (1310 – 29 June 1344), was Duchess consort of Brittany, wife of John III, Duke of Brittany. Joan was also a claimant to the County of Savoy upon the death of her father. She was a member of the House of Savoy and married into the House of Dreux. Joan was born in 1310, she was the only child of Edward, Count of Savoy and his wife Bianca of Burgundy.

The same year as Joan's marriage, her father died, being his only child she was his supposed successor. However, Savoy had never had a female ruler, leading to a dispute in the succession. Joan's uncle Aimone bypassed her rights and succeeded as Count.

Joan married in 1329 aged nineteen to the forty-three-year-old, childless John III, Duke of Brittany; she was his third wife, John's second wife Isabella had died the previous year. Joan and John were married for twelve years but produced no offspring, this led to a disputed succession in Brittany between John's half-brother of the same name and John's niece Joanna.

John supported Joan's rights on Savoy. After the marriage, Joan renewed her claim on Savoy and allied herself with the Dauphin de Viennois against her uncle. By agreement settled by the French King [1] on 22 November 1339, she renounced her rights of succession in return for an annual income of 6,000 livres.

John died on 30 April 1341, leaving Joan a childless widow. She died three years later on 29 June 1344 and was buried at Dijon, église des Cordeliers.[2]


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Joan of Savoy
Born: circa 1310 Died: 29 June 1344
Preceded by
Isabella of Castile
Duchess consort of Brittany
21 March 1330–30 April 1341
Succeeded by
Joanna of Flanders