Joan of Armagnac

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Joan of Armagnac
Duchess of Berry
Joahana Dcery.jpg
Joanna, John and their children
Spouse John, Duke of Berry
Issue Charles of Berry, Count of Montpensier
John of Berry, Count of Montpensier
Louis of Berry
Bonne, Countess of Savoy
Marie, Duchess of Auvergne
House House of Armagnac (by birth)
House of Valois (by marriage)
Father John I of Armagnac
Mother Beatrice of Clermont
Born 24 June 1346
Died 1387

Joan of Armagnac (French: Jeanne d'Armagnac; 24 June 1346 – 1387) was a French noblewoman of the powerful Armagnac family, being the eldest daughter of Count John I of Armagnac and his wife Beatrice of Clermont. She became Duchess of Berry by her marriage to John, Duke of Berry.

Marriage and issue[edit]

She married John, Duke of Berry, son of John II of France and his first wife Bonne of Bohemia. Joanna and John had five children:

Her daughter, Marie was the mother of Bonne of Artois. wife of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy. Joanna's daughter, also called Bonne, was the mother of Antipope Felix V.


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8. Gerald VI of Armagnac
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4. Bernard VI d'Armagnac
18. Gaston VII, Viscount of Béarn
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19. Martha de Marsan, Countess of Bigorre
2. John I of Armagnac
20. Hugh IV of Rodez
10. Henri II
21. Isabelle of Roquefeuil
5. Cecilia of Rodez
22. Barral of Baux
11. Mascarose of Baux
23. Sibylle d'Anduze
1. Joan of Armagnac
24. Louis IX of France
12. Robert, Count of Clermont
25. Margaret of Provence
6. John, Baron of Charolais
26. John of Burgundy, Lord of Bourbon
13. Beatrice of Bourbon
27. Agnes of Dampierre
3. Beatrice of Clermont
28. Renaud I, Lord of Dargies
14. Renaud II, Lord of Dargies
29. Isabelle of Clermont
7. Jeanne d'Argies
30. Jean de Bruyeres
15. Agnes de Bruyeres
31. Eustachie de Levis