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Joanne Bertin (born 1953) is an American writer of science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories that feature dragons as a recurring motif.

Early life[edit]

Joanne Bertin was born in 1953 in Manhattan. She lived there only briefly, as her family returned to their home in Stamford, Connecticut. Bertin lived most of her life in various towns in Connecticut.[1]


Bertin held a variety of jobs including factory worker, coloring comic books when the color separation was done by hand, and working as an assistant goatherd on a dairy farm. At the time of writing the FAQ page for her now-defunct website, she had worked for twenty years in libraries. She does not make a living from writing, but pursues it because of personal pleasure and a desire to entertain others.[1]

Bertin's first publication was in 1995 when her short story Dragonlord's Justice was submitted for an anthology of dragon stories and accepted. Her first novel, The Last Dragonlord was published in 1998. The sequel, Dragon and Phoenix, was published the following year.

As of March 2009, TOR Publishing has confirmed Joanne Bertin is still working on the third novel Bard's Oath. As quoted from the email; "I spoke to her editor about this, and I have good news! Although it's been a while, she's writing again. He just received a draft of her third Dragonlords novel, 'Bard's Oath'. He says he's vaguely expecting to publish it in late 2010 or early 2011, depending on how long it takes her to finish.

In June 2011 Bertin completed her manuscript for Bard's Oath,[2] which was released on November 27, 2012.[3]

Dragonlord series[edit]


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