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Joachim Ritu Cabi Crima (Russian: Жоаким Крима) or Vassily Ivanovich Crima (Russian: Василий Иванович Крима), a Guinea-Bissauan-born farmer living in Russia. He is a former independent candidate in the 2009 Srednyaya Akhtuba election.[1] As the first black man to run for head of the district, Crima received the nickname "the Russian Obama".[2] However, both he and another black candidate for the post, Filipp Kondratyev came in third (with 4.75%) and last against the United Russia incumbent.[3]

Joaquim Crima settled in southern Russia in 1989 after earning a degree from Volgograd State Pedagogical University. He and his wife, Anait, who is of Armenian descent, have a 10-year-old son. In addition to farming, he also sells melons at the local marketplace in the district.


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