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Joaquin Bordado
Carlo J. Caparas's Joaquin Bordado
Created by Carlo J. Caparas
Developed by Suzette Doctolero
Directed by Mac Alejandre
Argel Joseph
Starring Robin Padilla
Iza Calzado
Mark Herras
Iwa Moto
Eddie Garcia
Theme music composer Marc Tupaz
Sam Santos
Opening theme "Wag Kang Matakot"
sung by Shamrock
Ending theme "Ikaw Lang" (love theme)
sung by Marc Tupaz
Maricris Garcia
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog
No. of episodes 108 episodes
Executive producer(s) Joseph Buncalan
Producer(s) GMA Entertainment TV Group
Location(s) Metro Manila, Philippines
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original channel GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original run February 11, 2008 – July 11, 2008
Related shows Bakekang
Tasya Fantasya
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Joaquin Bordado is a Philippine drama-action series produced by GMA Network. It is a television adaptation of a famous comics serial of Carlo J. Caparas. It features Robin Padilla in the title role, with Iza Calzado, Ian Veneracion and Eddie Garcia.[1] The series premiered February 11, 2008 and concluded on July 11, 2008.



Based on the comics series of novelist Carlo J. Caparas, Joaquin Bordado was published as a serial throughout the late 1970s to early '80s. In 1988 it was turned into a full-length film by its creator Caparas, with veteran actor and former senator, Ramon Revilla, Sr. in the title role.[2]


A special behind-the-scenes of the making of the series titled "Ang Mundo ni Joaquin Bordado"[3] was aired on Friday February 8, taking over the timeslot of Coffee Prince after MariMar for that night.[4]

This special "making" episode rated well with 27.0% against ABS-CBN's Palos' 18.8% and Maging Sino Ka Man's 14.9%.

Audience Reception[edit]

The series premiered with 33.6%, placing third that day, against ABS-CBN's Kung Fu Kids' 21.4%.[5] On its pilot week, the show had an average viewership rating of 37.92%.[6][7]

As of February 28, the series reached its peak on its twelfth episode with 42.2%, placing third on February 26 after MariMar's 47.8% and Kamandags 43.6%.[8]

The finale episode received 40.8% in the ratings, beating Lobo's finale episode with 24.4%.[9]


Joaquin Apacible is an assassin masquerading as a sales agent. A family man at heart, he wishes to settle down to live a quiet life with his wife Sofia (Iza Calzado) and son Jimboy (Renz Valerio). His last mission for a covert operations group is to kill the head of an illegal arms dealing syndicate. Things don't turn out as planned, and Joaquin is sent to prison.

Joaquin knows that his old boss, General Russo (Eddie Garcia), will do everything to kill him since he knows vital information about the secret group. While serving time in jail, he meets Jilco (Pen Medina), a mysterious man whose body is littered with tattoos.

Unknown to Joaquin, one of his fellow inmates is actually an assassin sent by General Russo to kill him. But the hero of the story won't remain dead for long, as Jilco revives Joaquin and gives him all his powerful tattoos.

With his new powers, Joaquin gets a new lease in life and faces challenges as the chosen heir who will continue the battle between good and evil.[10]

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

Cast Character Summary
Robin Padilla[11]
Marky Cielo
Joaquin Bordado
Joaquin Apacible
The eldest of the Apacibles is an assassin for a secret service group. He masquerades as a traveling sales agent. But after he is betrayed by his cohorts, caught by the police and murdered by a jail mate, Joaquin's life begins to change—helped further along by him inheriting the magical tattoos of a Bordado.
Iza Calzado Sofia Apacible/Carol Aguila Sofia is the loving wife of Joaquin who only wants for her family to be safe and happy. But when she begins to discover hidden facets in the life of her husband, Sofia must learn to become strong—for herself and for her son. Revealed to be the heiress of Xelvarria.
Eddie Garcia General Russo General Russo is the head of a secret service group who has sworn to protect the country no matter the cost. But unbeknown to most people, the country needs more protection against him than from him. He is grandfather of Cecile and Kevin.Later,when the Pandora's Box-like artifact exploded,he got an ability.He desired to retrieve the abilities.
Ian Veneracion
Prince Stefan
Jerome Apacible/Miguel Aguila The middle Apacible brother is a successful businessman, hiding quite a lot from his family. For starters his business isn't very legal.Later,he got the strongest and most vile ability,to create something out of darkness.
Mark Herras Jason Apacible/Andre The youngest of the Apacibles, Jason is a rebellious teen who has a problem with falling in love—it's always with the wrong girls. The death of his parents may have scarred him, but Jason uses it more as an excuse to get out of trouble than anything else.
John Regala Cefiro Cefiro is the guardian of Xelvarria, a magical chest that contains beasts and other evil warriors whose only goal is to kill Bordados. To destroy the chest means one must destroy Cefiro first.
Antonio Aquitania Kevin Kevin is a bully whose only purpose in life is to make Jason's life miserable. But there is something more sinister hiding behind Kevin's already rough persona. He's Cecile's brother. Later becomes Jason's ally.
Renz Valerio Jimboy Jimboy is Joaquin's only son with Sofia. Though Jimboy is a nice kid, he always gets into trouble because of the nature of his father's work.
Iwa Moto Diane Diane works as a dancer for a sleazy bar which Jason frequents. The youngest Apacible falls in love with her, but she only has eyes for one man: the eldest Apacible - Joaquin himself.Later got the ability to create split images and clones of herself. Killed by Russo.
Ryza Cenon Cecile Cecile is a young woman whose life was upended by an accident that took away her sight. And while she is angry at the person who caused her blindness, she cannot help but still see the good in people: especially in André. But how will she react once she learns that André and Jason, the person who responsible for her blindness, are one and the same? She's General Russo's granddaughter and Kevin's sister.
Pen Medina
BJ Forbes
Jilco Jilco is the only remaining Bordado from the olden times. He meets Joaquin in jail, where he decides that it is time to pick an heir for his magical tattoos.
Rommel Padilla Alfredo Alfredo is one of General Russo's minions who will do his master's every bidding. But what the general doesn't know is that his right-hand man hides the ability to grant other people with powers from the Xelvarria.
Maverick Relova
& Ariel Villasanta[12]
Tom & Jerry Joaquin's inmates who became friends. They become sidekicks to Joaquin later on.
Jun Hidalgo Hugo Joaquin's friend, inmate and initiate against Russo & Cefiro's bad influences, he later became Joaquin's butler.
Kylie Padilla[13] Erenea A young girl warrior armed with swords and a bow who serves and gives advices to Joaquin. She's also one of magical tattoos of Joaquin.Died after getting mortally injured

Extended cast[edit]

  • Ralph Padilla as Mico
  • Gloria Sevilla as Lolit
  • John Feir as Johnny
  • Gene Padilla as Franco
  • July Hidalgo as Preston
  • Melissa Avelino as Andeng
  • Bea Binene as Liza
  • Jake Vargas as Baloy
  • Mon Confiado as Warden Gomez
  • Maggie Wilson as Brianna
  • Gina Alajar as Dr. Regina

Guest cast[edit]

  • Raquel Motesa as Daniel's mother
  • Timothy Chan as young Joaquin
  • Noni Buencamino as Mr. Apacible
  • Ella V. as Alcera
  • Anna Leah Javier as Vexus
  • Daiana Menezes as Ivarna
  • Jenny Miller as Queen Elixera
  • Leila Kuzma as Queen Agoria
  • Rez Cortez as Chief Mendoza
  • Tyron Perez as Mon
  • Bambi Pereira as Charisse
  • Cris Martinez as Jojo
  • Ayen laurel as Minerva
  • Shamaine Centenera as Joaquin's mother
  • Anton Bernardo as Domeng
  • Victor Aliwalas as Nelson
  • Joseph Izon as Olsen
  • Shiela Marie Rodriguez as Vicky
  • Jacob Rica as Miguel
  • Richard Quan as Ronaldo


The series marks the third time GMA Network adapts a Caparas creation. The previous ones, Bakekang and Kamandag, soared high in television ratings and had gained critical praises.

Actresses Jennylyn Mercado and Cristine Reyes were initially tapped to play important roles in the series. Due to Mercado's pregnancy, she had to be replaced by actress Ryza Cenon,[14] while Reyes had some problems with the production and was quickly replaced by Iwa Moto.[15]

Robin Padilla, the lead star, had to endure six hours of body make-up every day for his tattoos.[16] His tattoos includes a cherubim, rat, snake, kris, eagle, jaguar, dragon and a warrior girl.


GMA Network's EVP for Entertainment Wilma Galvante hired director Mac Alejandre and newcomer director Argel Joseph to direct the fantasy series under production manager Redgie Acuna Magno, who also did Padilla's previous series Asian Treasures. Writer Suzette Doctolero was chosen to head the adaptation of the Carlo J. Caparas graphic novel, with co-writers Tina Velasco and Dode Cruz, and creative consultants Jun Lana, creator Caparas and GMA Films president Annette Gozon-Abrogar.


10 of 13 crew members of Bordado were injured after their L-300 van (TSJ-518) from Subic to Metro Manila crashed along the Valenzuela exit, North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) on May 6, 2008. Rushed to the Orthopedic Hospital was Ronaldo Godoy; to the Karuhatan Hospital were Demetrio Macaraig, stuntman Danny Bragais, Abnel Severino, Alfredo Manzanares, Steve Esguerra, and Ronnie Santos; and to the Monte Clara Montefalco Hospital in Meycauayan were Alvin Tercena, Francisco Minarag, and Rogelio Elgacio.[17]

March 7, 2008 Robin Padilla suffered minor fracture injuries while taping a motorcycle stunt in Joaquin Bordado, at Subic Bay, Olongapo City.[18]


The music for the series was composed Tata Betita.

The official theme song of the TV series sung and arranged by band Shamrock. It is composed by band frontman Marc Tupaz, and Sam Santos titled "Wag Kang Matakot" (lit. Don't Be Afraid) and its love theme song, "Ikaw Lang" (lit. Only You) is sung and arranged by Shamrock.

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