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A "job ticket" may also be a synonym for a work order.

Job tickets are monthly or annual season tickets, purchased en block from a regional transport association by public or private organisations for use by their staff.

Job tickets usually require the purchasing organisation to buy a large number of tickets (typically 20 or more), and for at least 50% of their workforce.

In return job tickets offer a large discount on the price of individual season tickets. For very large organisations other special benefits are arranged, too, e.g. new bus routes to connect major employment sites.

Many organisations further reduce the cost of the season tickets to their staff by charging a reduced price, or passing the tickets on free of charge - effectively subsidising their employee's travel to work. In the United States, Commuter benefits in some cases add to the financial attractiveness of the arrangement.

Purchasing organisations are also responsible for ticketing administration, such as issuing of the photocards and the actual tickets.