Jocky Wilson Cup

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Jocky Wilson Cup
Tournament information
Venue Braehead Arena
Location Glasgow
Country Scotland
Established 2009
Organisation(s) PDC
Format Legs
Month(s) Played December
Final Year 2009
Final champion(s)

The Jocky Wilson Cup was a one-off international darts tournament, organised by the Professional Darts Corporation, held between England and Scotland in 2009. It was replaced by the PDC World Cup of Darts from 2010.

The tournament was named after two time World Champion Jocky Wilson, Scotland's most successful darts player.


In the Jocky Wilson Cup, two players from each team meet over five matches, each best of 11 legs. They play two singles matches each, with 501 the score to reach, - these matches are worth one point to the teams total. The third match of the tournament is doubles and this plays off 1001 points. This match is worth two points to the teams totals. - The first team to four points is the winner, however should the match be level at 3-3 at the end of the five matches the team with the most 180s on the night is the winner, if still level the first player to hit a 180 is the winner.


The inaugural tie was held at the Braehead Arena, Glasgow on December 5, 2009. England lined up with world number 1 Phil Taylor and world number 3 James Wade. Scotland lined up with world number 16 Robert Thornton and world number 34 Gary Anderson.

The tie proved to be one-sided as England took the inaugural Jocky Wilson Cup by 6 points to nil.[1][2]

December 5, 2009
0 Points 6
Legs Points
1 Scotland Gary Anderson 4 0
England James Wade 6 1
2 Scotland Robert Thornton 0 0
England Phil Taylor 6 1
3 Scotland Robert Thornton/Gary Anderson 2 0
England Phil Taylor/James Wade 6 2
4 Scotland Robert Thornton 4 0
England James Wade 6 1
5 Scotland Gary Anderson 4 0
England Phil Taylor 6 1