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The Jodhra are a Muslim Rajput tribe found in the Punjab province of Pakistan. They are closely related to the Gheba tribe who also inhabit the same areas and are probably descended from a common ancestor.


The Jodhras inhabit the south-eastern portion of the Pindi Gheb Tehsil and the valley of the Sohan River extending, on the south, to the border of Talagang of Chakwal District.


There are number of villages owned by the Jodhra tribe, found in Haripur Hazara, Fateh Jang Tehsil and Pindi Gheb Tehsil of Attock District. The main ones are Baldher village of Haripur,Pindi Gheb, Khunda,Domial Ahmadal, Ikhlas,Noushehra, Parri, Dandi,Gharibwal,Ganda Kas, Kamrial,Sidrihaal, Kharauba, Kamalpur Sher Jang, Kanat, Mirwal and Saura.