Jodie Emery

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Jodie Emery
Marc Emery and Jodie Emery.JPG
Emery with husband Marc, Toronto Freedom Festival 2010
Born January 4, 1985[1]
Kamloops, BC[2]
Residence Vancouver, BC, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Other names Princess of Pot
Occupation Activist, Politician
Known for Cannabis legalisation
Political party
Liberal Party of Canada,
B.C. Green Party,
B.C. Marijuana Party

Jodie Emery (born January 4, 1985) is a Canadian cannabis activist, and politician. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and co-owner of Cannabis Culture magazine, Pot TV, and the retail store Cannabis Culture Headquarters.

She has run a cannabis legalisation platform in the Green Party of British Columbia, and the British Columbia Marijuana Party, and in 2014 filed a nomination for the federal Liberal Party in the riding of Vancouver East.[3]

She and her husband Marc live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Early life[edit]

Emery grew up in Kamloops, BC, and attended St. Michael's University School in Victoria, British Columbia.[2] Emery is a vegetarian.[4] She moved to Vancouver in 2004. She and Marc Emery married on July 23, 2006.

Cannabis activism[edit]

As editor of Cannabis Culture magazine, she has been active in cannabis legalisation movements worldwide since 2004. She participated in marijuana legalization initiatives in California in November 2010 and Washington State in 2012, spoke at Moses Znaimer's Idea City conference in June 2012, and the New Hampshire Liberty Forum in February 2012.[2]

During her husband's five year incarceration beginning in 2009 in the United States, Emery was active seeking the repatriation of her husband back to Canada.[5]

Emery produces a weekly video broadcast called The Jodie Emery Show.

In 2014, Emery appeared in the Trailer Park Boys film "Don't Legalize It".

Political career[edit]

Emery is a libertarian,[4] and Ayn Rand supporter.[1] She is socially left-of-centre and advocates for non-violence, the complete legalization of marijuana, electoral reform and affordable education.[6] She ran for provincial office as a B.C. Marijuana Party candidate in 2005, and again in a 2008 by-election.[7]

She ran as a candidate for the BC Green Party in the May 2009 election,[8] coming in third, losing to Liberal Party member Kash Heed. She ran again for the Green party in 2013.

She is the BC Green Party's Policing and Crime Critic, and was elected as a Director-At-Large at the 2010 BC Green Party Annual General Meeting.[2]

Emery has filed her intention to seek the nomination for the Liberal Party in the riding of Vancouver East, currently held in Parliament by NDP MP Libby Davies.[3] [9]


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