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Joe Belfiore is the Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft. He is responsible for the design and software product definition of forthcoming generations of Windows Phones.[1] In May 2013, he was recognized as the #10 Best Designer in Technology by Business Insider.[2] In 2010 he was interviewed by Walt Mossberg at All Things D conference.[3]

Career at Microsoft[edit]

Before moving to the Windows Phone team, Belfiore was vice president of Zune Software and Service[citation needed] (Zune PC client + cloud service, Xbox Live service). At Mobile World Congress in 2010, he stated that he'd "been at Microsoft about 20 years".[4]

While at Microsoft, Belfiore has also been VP of the Windows eHome Division[5] and spent ten years as the leader of the Windows User Experience team, where he managed user interface design for Windows 95, owned the Internet Explorer user experience during IE3 and IE4, and was responsible for all aspects of the Windows XP User Experience.[6] He started at the company in 1990 as a program manager on OS/2.[7]

Prior to Microsoft, he studied Computer Science at Stanford University.[7]

Founder of "The Game"[edit]

Joe Belfiore is also known for being the founder of the non-stop 24–48 hour treasure hunt The Game, run in the San Francisco Bay and Seattle areas.[citation needed]

At TED 2004 in Monterey, CA he delivered a TED Talk on "The Game" where he caused the cell phones of most audience members to ring, leaving them with a trail of clues to solve at the TED conference.


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