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Joe Boys (also Chung Ching Yee, traditional Chinese: 忠精義; simplified Chinese: 忠精义; Mandarin Pinyin: Zhōngjīngyì; Jyutping: Zung1 Zing1 Ji6) was a Chinese youth gang founded in the 1960s in San Francisco's Chinatown. Joe Boys was originally known as "Joe Fong Boys", after its founder Joe Fong. Fong was a former member of Wah Ching.

Author Bill Lee, a former Joe Boys gang member, wrote extensively of his life's involvement in the Chinese criminal underworld, and the gang's history in his book Chinese Playground: A Memoir. Joe Boys gained further notoriety after the Golden Dragon massacre which stemmed over the sale of fire crackers in Chinatown. The massacre left 5 people dead, and 11 others injured, none of whom were gang members. The perpetrators were convicted and sentenced to prison.[1][2]

Since the Golden Dragon Massacre, the Chung Ching Yee has disbanded due to police pressure "Gang Task Force" in the San Francisco Chinatown area.


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