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Joseph Martin "Joe" DiRosa (born November 4, 1974) is the owner of the New York Artist Series,[1] L. A. Artist Series[2] and Miami Artist Series.[3]

Artist Series[edit]

Joe DiRosa is the owner of the New York Artist Series,[4][5] L.A. Artist Series and Miami Artist Series.

He launched the New York Artist Series in January 2002. Web portals for the L.A. Artist Series and Miami Artist Series were launched in November 2003 along with a web destination for a planned Artist Series cable channel.

He is noted for trying to turn the former Avalon/Limelight Nightclub into an art gallery, special events venue, concert hall and film studio.[6][7][8] The New York Artist Series is currently in looking for an equity investment to acquire another undisclosed location in NY.


In 2008 he shot and produced the short film peaceXpiece : can we come together?[9]

He has also shot and produced over a 150 pieces of media content for New York Artist Series TV & New York Artist Series Films.[10]

Artist Series TV[edit]

On March 22nd, 2014 Bloomberg News reported that Artist Series Inc made a $350mm offer for FUSE TV. The new network is to be called Artist Series TV.[11] An extensive article was written on Yahoo by Joe DiRosa in September of 2013 on the problems with FUSE TV and why it should be rebranded as Artist Series TV.[12]