Joe Fenton (Doctors)

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Joseph Fenton
Doctors character
Portrayed by Stephen Boxer
Duration 2006-08, 2010
First appearance 4 September 2006
Last appearance 9 December 2010
Introduced by Peter Lloyd
Classification Former; regular
Occupation GP
Home Boston, USA

Dr. Joe Fenton is a fictional character in the BBC daytime soap opera Doctors. Played by Stephen Boxer, Joe first appeared on 4 September 2006 and left the show on 12 September 2008. He returned on 5 November 2010 and left again on 9 December 2010.


He allowed his nephew and fellow GP, Daniel Granger, to lodge with him until he left in 2008. He left Letherbridge in September 2008 to go to Boston because his teenage daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. On 5 November 2010 Joe returned on a visit from Boston where he works. Whilst visiting, he offered a job to Ruth Pearce which she accepted. Joe returned to the States on 9 December and Ruth followed him on 18 December.

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