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Joel Bergman (born 1936)[1] is an architect who has designed several landmark casinos.

Bergman was born in Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 1965.[2]


Stern and Associates[edit]

In 1968 he joined Martin Stern, Jr.[2]

  • Las Vegas Hilton (then called the Hotel International)'
  • Kings Castle Resort & Casino, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • The Cottages at The Kuilima Resort, Oahu, Hawaii
  • MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Reno & Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Little America Hotel Tower, Salt Lake City, Utah

Atlandia Design (1978–1994)[edit]

In 1978 he went to work exclusively for Steve Wynn through the firm Atlandia Design. Wynn had a chair adjacent to his drafting table and together they played an important role in transforming the Las Vegas strip from a low rise strip to the modern theme-oriented casino with high rise buildings.

Bergman Walls & Associates (1994–present)[edit]

In 1994 he and Scott Walls, who had also worked for Wynn, started their own firm.[4]


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