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Senator Joe Lieberman coined the portmanteau "Joementum"

Joementum is a portmanteau of "Joe" and "momentum". The word was originally coined by 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Joseph Lieberman, who, shortly before coming in a disappointing fifth in the New Hampshire 2004 Democratic primary, insisted that his campaign was "picking up Joementum." His finish in the primary was later declared to be part of a "three-way split decision for third place."[1]

Since then, the term has become popular among some bloggers as a satirical reference to both Lieberman himself and his election efforts, usually referring to the perceived lack of potential for success of a campaign or endeavor. If a candidate is failing to advance in the polls, they are said to be suffering from "Joementum.", as Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks used the term in 2008 to describe Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.[2] The term has not been used by Lieberman himself in the aftermath of his 2004 primary campaign.

The term briefly regained non-ironic popularity during Lieberman's successful run as an independent candidate in the 2006 Senate election in Connecticut, after having lost in the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont.[3]


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