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Joep Gommers (born 2 July 1984 in Breda) is a Dutch security and intelligence professional from the Netherlands.

Joep became known among security professionals after an article of his writing appeared on the technology-related news website slashdot on January 23, 2006, stating that "current approaches to Information Security are fundamentally wrong".[1] With this, and other ideas, he gives talks at conferences, universities and communities throughout Europe.

From January 2000 to January 2003 he was a programmer and consultant for iKloak, a Dutch vendor of security products. In October 2004 he left the company as technical director of Research and Development. After working for the Dutch security company Kahuna in 2005, he worked for Motiv IT Masters as a consultant. In 2007 he started the NCECC, which stands for Northern Continental Europe Cyberspace Command, that aims to "provide state-of-the-art intelligence, defensive and offensive services to better understand, protect against and fight sources of cybercrime and cyberterrorism".[2] He serves as the Senior Director of Global Intelligence Collection for iSIGHT Partners global until 2014, after which is founded an IT Security startup Intelworks.


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