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For other people named Joey Lawrence, see Joey Lawrence (disambiguation).
Joey Lawrence; "Joey L"
Born (1989-11-05) November 5, 1989 (age 25)
Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Photographer

Joey Lawrence (born November 5, 1989 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada),[1] more commonly known by his professional name, "Joey L," is a young professional photographer who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.[citation needed] He is best known as creator of the Twilight movie posters.

Start of career[edit]

Joey Lawrence started entering photography competitions in DPChallenge in 2004 using a point-and-shoot digital camera. It was not long before his photographs were winning and shortly thereafter he was producing educational DVDs for aspiring photographers. He then began taking photographs of bands, asking for $50 and concert tickets in return.[2] From that point on his professional career developed quickly, he was taken on by agents in London, New York. Some of his clients include Warner Bros. Records, Summit Entertainment, Forbes, NBC, Kawasaki, the United Way, Salvation Army, and Atlantic Records.[1]

Twilight poster[edit]

When he was 18, Lawrence was hired to create the poster for the movie adaptation of the first Twilight book.[3] In 2008, the poster Lawrence created for the first Twilight movie was released.[4] In an interview with MTV, Lawrence confirmed at the time that he would be doing the posters for the rest of the movie, saying he planned to retain their "dark and edgy" stylings.[5] He did not photograph the posters for the following films.

Ethiopian photography[edit]

In the making of a gallery exhibition, Lawrence traveled to Ethiopia three times over the course of three years to photograph the Karo, Mursi, Hamer, Daasanach and Arbore tribes of the Omo Valley. On his second trip, Lawrence took the photographs back to Ethiopia and showed them to the tribes people in order to gain trust amongst the clan chiefs and continue the photographic series. One of his 2009 trips was filmed to make the documentary Faces of a Vanishing World. In discussion with The National Post, Lawrence said he used studio lighting and a modern style to shoot the photos, saying "they become overlooked when they are depicted in... black-and-white..., as noble savages, as unchanged people". The stylistic treatment is to render them too as part of the modern world.[6] The images were published under the title The Cradle of Mankind, and were featured on the Time website.[7]

As of February 2013, Joey is trying to raise $150,000 on Kickstarter so that he can create a full-length feature film about the people of the Omo Valley, starring the people of the Omo Valley.[8]


In 2009, Joey Lawrence placed first in the Professional Portrait division of the International Photography Awards.[9]


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