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Joey Miskulin performing as "Joey the Cowpolka King"

Joseph M. Miskulin (born January 6, 1949) is a hall of fame accordionist and producer of Grammy Award-winning music albums. In a music career spanning more than four decades, Joey Miskulin has collaborated with a range of artists including Paul McCartney, John Denver, Ricky Skaggs, Andy Williams, Ricky Van Shelton, Emmylou Harris, Frankie Yankovic and many others. He is a performer, studio musician, producer and pedagogue.

Early life[edit]

As a child in Chicago, Miskulin displayed early signs of musical prodigy, spontaneously showing an interest in the accordion by the time he was four.[1] Beginning music training a year later, Joey was performing professionally by age eleven with the Ronnie Lee Band, and had his first recording produced by Roman Possedi at age twelve.[1] A year later, the boy would meet Frankie Yankovic, forming a personal and professional relationship with the man known as "America's Polka King" that would last a lifetime.

Performing career[edit]

Miskulin toured the United States with Yankovic as his featured accordionist[2] for six years, writing and arranging songs between performances.

In the 1990s he rejoined Riders In The Sky, and with them is billed as "Joey the Cowpolka King".

Further reading[edit]

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