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Joey Slinger (born John Edward Slinger, Jr. 1943 at Guelph, Ontario)[1] is a Canadian journalist and author, particularly known as a long-standing humour columnist for the Toronto Star.

He first studied at Queen's University but left there after three years without completing a degree. In 1965, Slinger was hired as a reporter for the Guelph Mercury and remained there for approximately two years. He then attempted to continue his education with journalism studies at Carleton University, but was dismissed by that institution by the start of the September 1967 term. After working with The Canadian Press he joined The Globe and Mail in 1970, and eventually the Toronto Star in 1979.[1]

Other career highlights included terms as producer at CBC Radio and as a Toronto Sun gossip columnist.[2]

Slinger retired from the Toronto Star in April 2008.[2]

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Collected columns[edit]


  • 1996: Down & Dirty Birding : Here's all the outrageous but true stuff you ever wanted to know about North American birds (Key Porter Books) ISBN 0-684-80459-X



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