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Jogipet is a town in Medak district in the state of Telangana in India. It is situated about 90 km from Hyderabad and 30 km from Sangareddy, Medak's district headquarters. The town is named after jain jogis,this town has an old shiva temple perhaps of jain origin. Being a modestly developed town, Jogipet consists of government offices like Gram Panchayat, Registrar office and Sub Treasury Office. Recently it has been upgraded to nagar panchayat Andole included. Even though it is a relatively small town, Jogipet itself acts like a business hub for a few surrounding smaller villages like Dakoor, Masanpally, Andole which have not been taken into the development mould. Businesses like rice mills and warehouses, textile shops and even automobiles form part of Jogipet's economy. Further some people residing in its surrounding villages have businesses set up in Jogipet.

Chamundeshwari Temple

Financing of these businesses is primarily achieved through banks such as State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of India, Andhra Bank and APGVB established in the village. Out of these banks, State Bank of Hyderabad is the oldest, being present since 1960. These banks offer financing for agriculture, small business enterprises etc. which have helped the place to be modestly developed compared to other villages in the district.

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS:Cambridge high school,neo vivekananda,oxford,Don Bosco,and few more schools,degree colleges and polytechnic college,intermediate colleges......

Even though Jogipet is not a popular tourist destination, there are nonetheless a few places of interest if one happens to pass through the village. Chamundeshwari Temple, present 6 km from Jogipet, is a popular temple dedicated to Goddess Durga . Singur project, which consists of Manjeera resorvoir and situated about 30 km from the village is a decent picnic stop for families. Yedupayala village which is about 20 km from the place is the venue of fair (Jatara) which is conducted every year in the month of Feb-March.

Contribution to History:

Jogipet became the table of conference for the first "Andhra Mahasabha" in the year 1930 under the presidency of Suravaram Pratap Reddy. Andhra Mahasabha, formed in 1930, pushed for the social and cultural development of the people of Telangana. (Source : Andhra Mahasabha Article)

Coordinates: 17°50′N 78°04′E / 17.833°N 78.067°E / 17.833; 78.067