Johan Olsen

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Johan P. Olsen
Born (1939-08-14)August 14, 1939
Tromsø, Norway
Residence Norway
Citizenship Norwegian
Fields political science
Alma mater University of Bergen
Spouse Helene Adriansen

Johan P. Olsen (born August 14, 1939) is a Norwegian political scientist. He was a professor at the University of Bergen and member of the Norwegian Research Council. He established ARENA (Advanced Research on the Europeanization of the Nation State) in 1994.[1] He was Research Director at ARENA for many years, and is now professor emeritus.[2]

Olsen is one of the developers of the systemic-anarchic perspective of organizational decision making known as the Garbage Can Model.[3] He is a prominent thinker and writer on a wide variety of topics, such as new institutionalism and Europeanization.[citation needed]

He is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.[4]

Selected publications[edit]


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