Johann August Ephraim Goeze

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Johann August Ephraim Goeze
Johann August Ephraim Goeze1.jpg
Johann August Ephraim Goeze
Born (1731-05-28)May 28, 1731
Died June 27, 1793(1793-06-27)
Residence Germany
Citizenship  Germany
Nationality German
Alma mater University of Halle-Wittenberg

Johann August Ephraim Goeze (28 May 1731—27 June 1793) was a German zoologist from Aschersleben.

He was the son of Johann Heinrich and Catherine Margarete (née Kirchhoff). He studied theology at University of Halle. He married Leopoldine Maria Keller in 1770, by whom he had four children. In 1751, he became a pastor in Aschersleben, in Quedlinburg, and later of St. Blasius' Church in Quedlinburg in 1762, finally becoming first deacon of the seminary of Quedlinburg in 1787. He died in Quedlinburg.

He did much work with aquatic invertebrates, particularly insects and worms. In 1773, he was the first to describe tardigrades.

In 1784 Goeze perceived the similarities between the heads of tapeworms found in human intestinal tract and the invaginated heads of C. cellulosae in pigs.[1]


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