Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuths

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Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuths.
GutsMuths statue in Quedlinburg.
House of birth.

Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuths, also called Guts Muth or Gutsmuths (9 August 1759, Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany - 21 May 1839, Waltershausen, Thuringia, Germany) was a teacher and educator in Germany, and is especially known for his role in the development of physical education. He is known to be the Great Grandfather of Gymnastics. He introduced systematic physical exercises into the school curriculum, and he developed the basic principles of artistic gymnastics.[1]

In 1793, GutsMuths published Gymnastik für die Jugend, the first systematic textbook in gymnastics. In 1800, his work on physical education was translated into English and published in England under the title "Gymnastics for youth: or A practical guide to healthful and amusing exercises for the use of schools" where it became a standard reference.


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