Johann Georg Noel Dragendorff

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Johann Georg Noel Dragendorff (1836-1898)

Johann Georg Noel Dragendorff (August 8, 1836 – April 7, 1898) was a German pharmacist and chemist born in Rostock.


He earned his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Rostock in 1861, and following graduation worked for the Pharmaceutical Society of St. Petersburg. From 1864 to 1894 he was a professor of pharmacy at the University of Dorpat. In 1872 he was awarded an honorary doctorate in medicine from the University of Munich. He was the president of the Estonian Naturalists' Society in 1890–1893.


His name is associated with "Dragendorff's reagent", which is a solution of potassium bismuth iodide used to ascertain the presence of alkaloids, along with "Dragendorff's test", a qualitative test formerly used for bile.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Beiträge zur gerichtlichen Chemie (Contributions to forensic chemistry); (1871)
  • Die gerichtlichchemische Ermittelung von Giften (Forensic chemical ascertainment of toxins); (1876)
  • Die qualitative und quantitative Analyse von Pflanzen und Pflanzentheilen (Qualitative and quantitative analysis of plants); (1882)
  • Die Heilpflanzen der verschiedenen Völker und Zeiten. Ihre Anwendung, wesentlichen Bestandtheile und Geschichte (Medicinal plants of various peoples and times); (1898)