Johannes Canuti Lenaeus

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Johannes Canuti Lenaeus

Johannes Canuti Lenaeus (November 29, 1573 – April 23, 1669) was a professor at Uppsala University and Archbishop of Uppsala in the Church of Sweden from 1657 to his death.

After several years of studies, mainly in Germany at universities in Rostock[1] and Wittenberg, he was appointed professor of logic in Uppsala in 1604. After more studies in Germany, he was also appointed professor in Greek and Hebrew.

After being ordained priest, he was in 1613 also appointed professor of theology.

He text he wrote, Logica peripatetica (1633) gave a revival to the philosophy of peripatetics (Aristotelian philosophy) and was for a time used as a study book.

His father-in-law was former Archbishop Petrus Kenicius, and Johannes was seen as a natural successor.


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