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Johannes Molzahn (Duisburg, 21 May 1892–Munich, 31 December 1965) was a German artist.[1]


Johannes Ernst Ludwig Molzahn was born 21 May 1892 in Duisburg. He learned drawing and photography,[1] but later concentrated on painting. 1908-1914 he stayed in Switzerland. Molzahn became acquainted with Herwarth Walden, Walter Gropius, Theo van Doesburg and El Lissitzky. He was a member of the Arbeitsrat für Kunst. After World War I he worked as a graphic designer and through intervention of Bruno Taut became a graphics teacher in Magdeburg. He was forbidden to work by the Nazis in 1933 and fired.[1] Eight of his works were shown in the exhibition of entartete Kunst in 1937.[2]

He emigrated to the USA in 1938 and returned to Germany 1959,[1] settling in Munich. He died there 31 December 1965.[1][2]

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