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Johannes Roberts
Born (1976-05-24) 24 May 1976 (age 39)
Cambridge, UK
Occupation Director, producer, writer

Johannes Roberts (born 24 May 1976, in Cambridge) is a British film director and writer.


Johannes Roberts wrote and directed the thriller F. The film was released by Studio Canal in the UK to critical acclaim, with Kim Newman calling it 'pulsing, paranoid and downright eerie, this is a hoodie thriller with proper scares John Carpenter would be proud of' in his four star review for Empire magazine.

In 2011 Johannes directed the US primetime television movie Roadkill for NBC Universal starring Oscar nominated actor Stephen Rea.

In 2012 he directed the sci-fi horror film Storage 24 for Universal Pictures, written by and starring Bafta winning actor Noel Clarke. The film received mixed to negative reviews with a rotten tomatoes rating of 43%.[1] Some critics praised the production however, the Guardian giving it four stars for its entertainment value and Empire magazine calling it a 'superior British horror sci-fi with serious scares and some excellent creature design work.' Storage 24 charted at number 13 at the UK box office, winning awards for its effects work and was chosen for official selection in Sitges Film Festival. The film was released theatrically around the world. It was a top ten hit in Turkey and Hong Kong. Magnolia Pictures released the film in America. The film grossed $646,175 worldwide.

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