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Plaque commemorating Kennedy's speech next to the front entrance of Rathaus Schöneberg

John-F.-Kennedy-Platz (John F. Kennedy Square), formerly Rudolph-Wilde-Platz, in Berlin-Schöneberg is the square in front of the former city hall of West Berlin (Rathaus Schöneberg). It was here that US President John F. Kennedy gave his famous speech to the Berliners, in which he stated: "Ich bin ein Berliner". The square was renamed John-F.-Kennedy-Platz on 30 November 1963, eight days after Kennedy's assassination. A large plaque dedicated to Kennedy is mounted on a column at the entrance to the city hall.

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Text, Audio, Video of Kennedy's Berlin Speech

Coordinates: 52°29′06″N 13°20′40″E / 52.48500°N 13.34444°E / 52.48500; 13.34444