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For schools with similar names, see Adams High School.
John Adams High School
John Adams High School in June 2008.
101-01 Rockaway Boulevard
Ozone Park, New York, United States
Type Public
Motto A Voyage of Excellence
Established 1927
School board New York City Public Schools
School district 27
School number Q480
Principal Daniel Scanlon, Principal
Grades 912
Number of students 2,734[1]
Color(s) Blue and white
Nickname Adams
Team name Spartans
Newspaper 'The Campus'
Yearbook 'The Clipper'

John Adams High School (H.S. 480; often referred to locally as John Adams) is a public high school in the Ozone Park neighborhood of Queens, New York City. John Adams High School, Samuel J. Tilden High School, Abraham Lincoln High School, Bayside High School, and Grover Cleveland High School were all built during the Great Depression from one set of blueprints, in order to save money.

John Adams High School is one of the big high schools to stand strong against the wave of big high school closures. Daniel Scanlon is the new principal of the school.

The school webpage can be found at

Small Learning Communities[edit]

Adams has several small learning communities that seek to provide students with common interests a home base - Jumpstart Academy, Newcomers Academy, the Environmental Science and Investigative Institute, the Law and International Studies, Media and Fine Arts, Medical and Fitness Careers Academy, and, the Queens Business Institute. Each has a set of dedicated staff that serve the needs of the students who belong to the small learning community.

Jumpstart Academy[edit]

Jumpstart Academy is a small learning community which allows majority of freshmen students to first attend the Annex Building (about 40 blocks away from Adams) before coming to the main building for grade 10. This move helps incoming freshmen to smoothly adjust to the demands of high school. Before the freshman year ends, students are asked to fill out preference forms as to which learning community they would like to be placed. Their choice for the small learning community is set and usually cannot be changed after the placement has been made.

Newcomers Institute[edit]

Newcomer’s Small Learning Community is a multicultural Small Learning Community which provides ESL, Bilingual Spanish and Bengali classes to all of our students. It provides our students with many clubs such as ASPIRA and SASO (South Asian Student Organization.) It is now instituting its own student government so students can show their leadership skills in their own community.

Students not only speak Bangla and Spanish but also speak Haitian Creole, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and much more. One of the greatest attributes of the Newcomers Institute is the supportive atmosphere that all students receive. As a community, it places value on the native language and culture of all learners while achieving proficiency of the English language.

The Environmental Science and Investigative Institute[edit]

The Environmental, Science & Investigative Institute (ESII) fosters intellectual growth by enriching the core graduation requirements with a range of exciting science electives. By gaining this knowledge students will be able to achieve at the collegiate level or chosen career path, gain a broad understanding of the world around them, and become citizens; able to make well informed decisions about societal and technological issues. Students in the ESII prepare for college and careers in all areas of science, from environmental scientist to laboratory researcher, crime scene investigator to pre-med student. They are encouraged to pursue an Advanced regents Diploma, assisting them in securing scholarships and acceptance to prestigious colleges & universities across the country.

Media and Fine Arts[edit]

Media and Fine Arts Institute is a learning community that prepares students for careers in communications, visual and performing arts — a blend of music, art, media, journalism, and theatre. Students will be exposed to rigorous curricula designed to expand their minds in courses that will challenge them to design the school yearbook, participate in specialty classes, write for the Campus newspaper, and act in our drama productions. We also offer a Fine Arts Screened Program for accelerated students.

Law and International Studies[edit]

The Academy of Law and Criminal Justice will engage students in a curriculum designed to prepare students for college and careers in the field of law or criminal justice. Students will also be eligible to obtain college credits by enrolling in A.P. courses. In the Academy of Law and Criminal Justice they hope to provide both a well-rounded and unique learning experience.It Not only offers Mode U.N classes but also mock trial and the initial basics of law classes as well.

Medical and Fitness Careers Academy[edit]

The Medical and Fitness Careers Academy is a dynamic academic community in which students are encouraged to explore the limitless opportunities within the world of medical, health and sports related fields. Through a comprehensive, cross-curricular exposure to sports and health issues students will discover the relevance of careers within these fields. In the interest of realizing the SLC’s potential to do this, many existing programs are being expanded while other, entirely new programs are being instituted.

The academy also works to make the crucial concepts of healthy living and nutritious eating, so vital to experiencing a high quality of life in our modern world, very real and usable concepts for our students. Teachers and students engage in ongoing dialogue and information sharing in an effort to build a sense of community with these key concepts as its cornerstone. One exciting endeavor that will work toward this is the JAHS Community Garden (description below). Opportunities to investigate and explore future careers are vast. They include those in sports medicine and rehabilitation, childcare, sports management, health and nutrition, and fitness training, among many others. The SLC offers three different Health Occupations courses and a Sports Statistics and Officiating course is in development. Also available to motivated students is the Med-Tech program. This highly competitive program allows students to explore the technology used in the world of medicine and forensics. The class competes on the national level and has had great success in doing so.

Queens Business Institute[edit]

The goal of the Queens Business Institute is to acquaint students with various business disciplines and how they fit into the operation of a corporate business enterprise. Students will focus on elements of the business world, such as productivity, entrepreneurship, integrity, and professionalism. There are opportunities for internships and job shadowing in various business sectors offered to our students. Students in the Virtual Enterprise class are also enrolled in college classes, attend business conferences, and go on field trips to different corporate sites.

Activities in the Queens Business institute include Dress for Success days, attending business workshops, and having guest speakers from different companies. Our goal in the Queens Business Institute is for our students to gain knowledge; be college and career ready, and acquire and develop the necessary skills to be successful in the business world.


John Adams has three floors and a basement. The basement contains the cafeteria, locker rooms, weight-training room, a swimming pool, and numerous classrooms. The campus of John Adams is roughly six by three city blocks, with baseball, tennis, track, and football fields behind the school. The school also has three gymnasiums. There is also a library, an auditorium, a Virtual Enterprise Room which is a simulated business class, and several computer and science labs throughout all three floors.



  • Grade levels: 9 to 12
  • Enrollment: 2734
  • Free lunch: 75.5%
  • Ethnicity:
  • Gender %: 52.8 Male, 47.2 Female
  • Attendance: 79.9%
  • Graduation rate: 53.6%.
  • 6-year graduation rate: 67.2% as of 2009-2010.
  • College enrollment: 42.8%
  • Current School Grade: John Adams recently received a [D] from the Board of Education. - 2009-2010.[3]

Special programs[edit]

  • The school offers specialized programs in vision care as well as medical and dental technology.
  • Taking single sessions of math and English also frees up more time for students to enjoy electives and Advanced Placement courses.
  • The school offers College Now, a program run by CUNY offering accredited college courses on site at the high school.
  • The school has "collaborative team teaching" (CTT) classes, where two teachers work with a group of special- and general education students. (Laura Zingmond, October 2005)
  • All incoming freshman may take classes the summer before and after the 9th grade, which means that they can start the 10th grade with as many as 19 of the 44 credits required for graduation.
  • For older students who are at risk of dropping out, there is the PM program—an afternoon session designed to deliver instruction of core subjects in a single classroom environment.
  • The school offers day and nighttime GED (General Equivalency Diploma) programs and vocational training. Vocational training is handled off-site.
  • The school offers special ed for those with learning challenges.

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