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See John Horton Conway for the inventor of the Game of Life, a mathematician working in group theory, knot theory, number theory, game theory, and coding theory.

John Bligh Conway (born 1939) is an American mathematician. He is currently a professor emeritus at the George Washington University. His specialty is functional analysis, particularly bounded operators on a Hilbert space.

Conway earned his BS from Loyola University and Ph.D. from Louisiana State University under the direction of Heron Collins in 1965, with a dissertation on The Strict Topology and Compactness in the Space of Measures.[1] He has had 20 students who obtained doctorates under his supervision, most of them at Indiana University, where he was a close friend of mathematician Max Zorn. He served on the faculty there from 1965 to 1990, when he became head of the mathematics department at University of Tennessee.

He is the author of a two-volume series on Functions of One Complex Variable (Springer-Verlag), which is a standard graduate text.

He is the father of John Bligh Conway II, who currently teaches history at the Anglo American School of St Petersburg, Russia. His grandson is Stephen Jonovich Conway, who attends the AASSP too.

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